Ambassadors, tutorials, and a new way to connect.

It’s a stat used regularly these days, but the fastest growing user base for Facebook is the over-65s. Aveo has always known that it’s the people in the community that make the community a great place to live, whether that community is based in a bricks and mortar village, or a virtual environment. That’s why they aren’t making their latest product launch just about the IT, but about the people who will enjoy using it.

“It’s not just about the download speeds, or the fact that you can get cheap phone calls” said Anthony Sargent, General Manager at Aveo. “The key thing about an internet service is how it connects you to those around you. We’ve taken it a step further and we’ve found some willing and able residents to take on a mentor role to teach others how to use the internet and make the most of our AveoConnect product” he said.

“It’s a way for residents to connect, but also having a friend show you how to do something is just a nicer way to learn. Using the internet is fun. Learning what you can do is a journey of discovery for some of our residents and who better to take them on that journey than other residents?” Sargent said.

AveoConnect is Aveo’s broadband offering for residents in their villages. While a resident can take out another broadband offering from another provider, AveoConnect has a range of unique benefits, from personalised installation and training, to a support service that is better equipped to handle the queries of someone over the age of 65. “We don’t anticipate many difficulties for customers as everyone who signs up get access to training from our staff, and there will be regular resident lead training sessions. It’s something we know people want, and something we’re happy to help provide” said Sargent.